Susan Cummings
Vision of January 31, 2003
The Darkness at Noonday
September Dreams & Visions
The Stairs and the River
The Urn in the Wilderness
The Great Race
Doors of Destiny

The Vision of CALVARY'S CROSS by Bobby Conner
Why Bother? by Don S. Why Pray?
The Body of Christ & End Time Ministries by Tommy Hicks
Ministry of the Holy Spirit by Paul Gabanek (PDF) Renesa's Visions
Leah Story by Leah Ann Paul Disciple of a Witch
The Hollow of His Hand by Hollie Moody Dr. Bailey's Testimony
The Testimony of Sister Iuliana My Dreams
Visitation to the Throne Room of God
 by Peter Tan
Angelic Visitations by Pastor Shu-Fang Ho
The Testimony of Pastor Yong Thang  [PDF] [DOC] A Vision of the Return of Christ by David Michael  
The Thomas Welch Story 6 Messages to the Church by Pastor Brani Duyon
The End of Time Growing in the Supernatural by Patricia King
Pastor Prema Pelletier
Holy Spirit Visitations
Delivered from the Power of Darkness by Emmanuel ENI

Videos & Movies:

  Intelligent Design
Unlocking the Mysteries of Life
Intelligent Design, Unlocking the Mystery of Life, EvolutionIs life on Earth the product of purely undirected processes like time, chance and natural selection? Or, can the origin and diversity of living organisms be traced to an intelligent cause? Unlocking the Mystery of Life explores these timeless questions and presents compelling evidence to support an idea that could revolutionize scientific thought - the theory of intelligent design.   Main Page   Google Video

    The Revolutionary
The RevolutionaryFrom His birth to His death and ascension, you will retrace Jesus’ footsteps and see His miracles and ministry depicted as never before. Go back almost 2,000 years, to relive the dramatic events that changed the course of human history, and mankind’s eternal destiny,  forever. 

Video 1 High 121mb  Low 53mb    Google Video
Video 2 High
125mb  Low 53mb    Google Video

       The Emissary
The EmissaryThe early first century followers of Jesus were a small, struggling group within Judaism who seemingly posed no threat to anyone, certainly not the mighty Roman empire. But there was one determined to see this fledging faith exterminated. His name was Saul and he became the greatest persecutor of the early church. But within a matter of a few years, the Christians fiercest opponent became its most effective advocate.
Video High 126mb  Low 55mb    Google Video

The Jesus Film
The Jesus Film 1
English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese

God's  Story
God's Story
From Creation to Eternity

The Revival Hymn Video 54mb Google Videos

  Who will miss the rapture?
Ray BrubakerRay Brubaker on THIS IS YOUR DAY, discussion why many Christian's will miss the rapture, & what will happen to them.
WMV 15mb  (Higher Quality video)
Google Videos

  The George Street Evangelist
Frank JennerFrank Jenner  (Updated)
This is the incredible story of Frank Jenner and how God used him in George Street, Sydney, to spread the good news of Jesus around the world.
Main Page     [Tangle]

               EE TAOW!
EETaowA powerful and inspiring testimony regarding a missionary couple to Papua New Guinea.
Main Page
Google Videos

     6 Big Big Big Angels
6 Big Big AngelsThe testimony of Victoria Pennington, who was carried to heaven by 6 very large angels.

Google Videos
(Shown on the Sid Roth Show)

Focus on the Family
Origins of Homosexuality
How to prevent Homosexuality in Children

ThinkerThe Fool
& the Wiseman

A video presentation discussing the differences between Foolishness and Wisdom

Can Christians be Possessed?
Do Devils & Demons exist? WMV 25mb   Google Video

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