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Our Mission is to makes an investment in people by meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs through several  services.  All who write to us and want to know more about God's true salvation on Earth and every members have access to these services.  

Our aim is to provide support and equip individuals with knowledge so as to achieve their highest potential.   Our mission is not simply to provide a service but rather to create an environment in which Godly principles are learnt and thereby provide an opportunity for individuals to apply biblical principles to their lives

We are in exciting times where God is looking to manifest His awesome power to the world and He is looking for those He can use to declare His gospel. The scripture says that “these signs shall follow those who believe” (Mark 16:17, 20) and onetruesalvation team is being used to preach the gospel and God has been true to His word. Miracles, Healings and Salvations are taking place on those who has been touch by spirit of our lord Jesus christ.

The vision of the team is to:

(I) Bring the Gospel,
(II) Enable the saint to reach out to the Lost
(III) And to see the lost being saved
in UK and the Whole World.

Our vision for this year is to be used to preach the Gospel in power so that we will bring in a harvest of souls and bring the gospel to the whole World

This year is set to be the best year for the Gospel of Jesus, get ready!

Why don’t you join us everyday in prayer in your room or where ever you may find your self  by [ 9:00am] to seek God's face for the lost and those area the gospel of Jesus christ hasn't reach. God bless you as you do this. ?

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Let’s Take Dominion Now!

Social transformation, as I have been saying, is one of the strongest words that the Holy Spirit is clearly speaking to the churches today. But before many of us would be prepared to accept that statement at face value, we would need to be assured that what we think we might be hearing from the Holy Spirit is truly biblical. We are sure, for example, that saving souls is biblical, but how about transforming society?

I know this is a crucial question, because for years I would have said that working toward social change should not be considered a part of our Christian duty. I was taught that the world was supposed to get worse and worse, and the more it did, the closer Christ’s second coming would be. I believed that at some low point in history, all true believers would be snatched out of the earth and that those left behind would go through seven of the worst years of all, just prior to the Lord’s glorious appearing. Meanwhile, our job was to spread the gospel and get as many souls saved as possible so that they would be taken up with us in the rapture whenever it might come, and the sooner the better. However, I am now certain that there is a more accurate and a more biblical way of understanding God’s mission for us, which I’ll try to explain as convincingly as I can in this chapter.

Having said that, my hope is that not too many readers who happen to love the famous Left Behind series of books will decide to shut the book at this point and go no further. I will go on record as saying that I personally have read every one of the Left Behind series, and if more books come out, I plan on reading them as well. I have enjoyed each of them greatly, keeping in mind that they are fiction, pure and simple.


In theology, salvation can mean three related things:[citation needed] being saved from, or liberation from, something, such as suffering or the punishment of sin also called deliverance; being saved for something, such as an afterlife or participating in the Reign of God – also called redemption; or social liberation and healing, as in liberation theology.

The theological study of salvation is called Soteriology and covers the means by which salvation is effected or achieved, and its results or effects.[1]


Top 20 Questions Asked
What does The Bible say about...cand1
01. Masturbation
02. Fasting
03. School Shootings
04. Military
05. Choosing a Mate
06. Tattoos
07. Sex Before Marriage
08. Internet Hoaxes, Legends, Viruses & Scams
09. Divorce and Remarriage
10. Drinking Alcoholic Beverages
11. Stress (Overcoming It)
12. Piercing the Body
13. Women in Ministry
14. Tithing
15. Homosexuality
16. Suicide
17. Smoking
18. Dealing with Grief
19. Fear (Freedom from Fear in Troubled Times)
20. Gambling
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